Photos of My Classroom

Here are some after pictures of my classroom!
The school where I'll be teaching emphasizes character education, as well as academics. They have five lifeskills which are the following: truthfulness, trustworthiness, no put-downs, active listening, and personal best. There are Bible verse that go along with each. In the center of each flower, a lifeskill is written down.
This is one of the bulletin boards in my classroom... I'm not sure what I'm going to put up yet.
One of these boards (right) will be my "math meeting" board, and the other will be my classroom jobs board. The board on the left was a REALLY old chalk board. Kimberly and I figured out a way to make it look like a bulletin board, so it really looks nice now! I'm just going to have to constantly remind myself and the students that they can't place tacks in it.
I love the bookshelves in the back of the room! It's so nice for storage. I need to get some more organizing done, but it looks so much better than it did when I first saw it!

Sorry for the lousy quality of the pictures. I took these pictures with my phone.


Setting Up My Classroom

Well, I've been working on my classroom this week... it's so much fun to be working in the room! I've gone through the pile of stuff the old teacher left, organized most of my classroom library (though I have to sort and label the books the other teacher left for me to use), and transported all my materials from the house to the classroom... my husband is glad to have them out of the spare room and I must admit, I am, too.  Soon, I'm going to be putting up my bulletin board sets, etc.  

I've seen pictures and read information on 16 out of my 18 students.  I'm going to have 11 girls and 8 boys.  Every student seems to be well-behaved and respectful.  I'm sure we'll have our challenges, but initially, it looks like a wonderful group!  


I have a job!

That's right, people!  I was offered a third grade teaching position at the private school in which I interviewed.  I have already been having a great time planning my classroom layout, theme, etc. I go on Monday to sign my contract!


Second Meeting

In about an hour, I'll be leaving for the second meeting with the private school! Needless to say, I'm very excited and hopeful that they will offer me the job today. David and I have decided that if they offer it, I will accept it. I've talked with principals and other public school personnel, and the options there are ridiculously limited right now. They're actually firing teachers rather than hiring them. Obviously, they are not looking good for recent graduates. They're scrambling to place tenured teachers. So, that's why I decided to look into the private sphere.


Check Out this Website

While googling information about centers and setting up a classroom, I came across this website. It has a plethora of great information.  Check out MsPowell.com when you have a chance!



The principal called me today!  She wants me to come to talk to the other third grade teacher next Thursday!  I'm getting very excited about the possibility of knowing what's going on next school year!  I so hope that I won't be subbing anymore... I am ready for a classroom to call my own!